Dr. Marty K. Casey


Dr. Marty K. Casey’s portfolio of contributions and body of work continues to evolve, as she combines her passion for the ARTS with her compassion for her community! 

Dr. Casey asserts “Hurt people hurt people. Healed people heal people.” She has set out to support individuals, families, and communities heal with her latest development of UnGUN Institute, focused on disarming Trauma in individuals, to heal from collective trauma events which plague the black communities. 

In addition, Dr. Casey has co-created the global observance of Black SON Day. The inaugural event took place August 9, 2020 with more than 100 global networks and 50,000+ viewers engaged in a 12-hour interactive presentation and discussion, focused on implementing strategies and action plans to re-build & uplift the black community.

It is no wonder Dr. Casey was chosen for the cover and celebrated as one of the top 25 2020 Most Influential Businesswomen in St. Louis, by the St. Louis Business Journal. She has taken the stage in her city, nationally, and internationally playing the role of her lifetime as evidenced by her philanthropy and activism track record. 

For many years now, Dr. Casey has leveraged her passion for Art, combined it with her compassion for Activism and in 2014 created Show Me Arts Academy, serving as the founder and Artistic Director positively impacting the lives of more than 3,000 kids, using the Arts to Heal.

Dr. Casey has built a fulfilling and impactful career that traverses entertainment and community service, an anointed singer, gifted actress, writer, producer, and director. No matter what hat she is wearing her noteworthy goal is pointed– 

to heal our community, to provide a response and outlet for inbred trauma.  

Dr. Casey is a member of an Arts & Healing Council. She also sits on three boards.

Dr. Marty K. Casey | Founder of UnGUN Institute